Ensure responsible community development

Increase economic development
Maintain secure neighborhoods


(Dr.) Daren Miller

(Dr) Daren Andrew Miller- 2018 Candidate Fresno City Council, District 3

After more than a quarter century spent improving the educational outcomes for children in the Central Valley, local educator and community activist Daren Miller is ready to go to work to better the quality of life for the residents in Southwest, Central, Downtown, and Chinatown areas of Fresno as a candidate for the Fresno City Council, representing District 3

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Daren Miller pledges to do the following:

Ensure responsible community development
  • Build and maintain suitable housing through working in collaboration with local developers, school districts, and current residents to create “whole, healthy, vibrant communities”
  • Increase Park and Recreation Department resources to enhance, support, and create “whole, healthy, and vibrant communities”
  • Build a comprehensive transportation system that effectively connects District 3 with all city services
  • Work with surrounding school districts to support their current work addressing student achievement
Increase economic development
Maintain secure neighborhoods

Supported By:

Currently Endorsed By:

Central Valley Progressive- PAC
Downtown Fresno Coalition
California Latina Democrats
Golden Westside Planning Committee
Fresno Progressives
Hmong Democratic Club
Fresno County Democratic Women's Club
Richard Ortiz "The Fighters Voice on AM 1680"

Advisory Team

Bessie Miller
Debbie Darden
Pastor BT Lewis
Chuck Pansarosa
Va Her
Humberto Gomez, Sr
Melissa Knight
Aminat Onipede